Its been a while


So it’s been a while since my last post. TBH it’s been such a whirlwind I haven’t had the time or energy to sit down and think of anything to say! If we haven’t had an appointment with the Speech therapist it’s been the occupational therapist or the SENCO. But as busy as we have been its nice to see that things are happening now and that the goals that we had in helping TP are finally on track to getting met! We have recently stared using PECS cards with Tp and he has taken to them really well I’m pleased as this is the first time ever bi have been able to communicate with him even if it’s only for him to tell me he wants a chocolate biscuit! His 3rd birthday is coming up and we have been busy arranging stuff for that. I read the other day Toys r us are having an Autism friendly day on the 30th where they are opening only for children with Autism or other similar special needs. They have arranged for the staff to be quickly trained the lighting to be lower and the tannoy to be turned off. I feel this is a great step in creating awareness about autism hopefully other shops will follow suit!!


We have been trying to set him up a sensory room in the house with lots of bright colours, light and other sensory objects he loves it I think it’s his favourite room in the house now!!


TP has also started nursery for 12 hours a week now rather than just the 3 he seems to be taking it well it is a long week for him however and he has grown rather clingy to me but his behaviour is starting to improve so I can’t complain too much!! Things have been going well in our household and hopefully it will stay like this because its nice to go to be able to smile more than I used to!!


Happy days

Apart from being up most of last night with one very active child today has been a good day for us. I braved the weekly shop solo with TP and his Pom Pom in hand and it went really well. He didn’t attempt to escape from the trolley once and didn’t scream at all instead he giggled for most of the way around the store. So in return I let him pick up some chocolate as a treat.

After the shop we popped over to my mums for a bit. TP loves going to his Nana’s he loves playing with her dog and the guitar that lives in the spare room. He’s very interested in music at the moment and we find it has a calming effect on him.

It’s days like today that make me forget about all the bad times. And sometimes it even allows me to forget about his diagnosis and stop worrying about his future if only for a few seconds.

Pom poms

So last night was another bad night I’m hoping things will start to change and TP will start to feel better soon, he only just managed his 3 hours at nursery today because he wasn’t feeling brilliant but at least I managed to catch up on my sleep whilst he was there! Fingers crossed for a better night tonight!

A friend of mine made him some small wool Pom poms earlier and he hasn’t put them down since he got them. I have never thought before about sensory toys/ objects but after reading about how beneficial they are im thinking of starting a sensory box for him! Especially after I’ve seen how calm these pom poms have made him!


Ok so it’s 1am my husband has swapped our bed for the sofa because TP is refusing to stay in his own bed and has taken over ours. I wouldn’t mind so much if he was tired! Instead he is bouncing continuously, over excited about one of his LED lights he found at the bottom of his wardrobe. It’s this little giraffe that flashes all different colours and he hasn’t let go of it for around 4 hours! Unfortunately having a day off tomorrow it looks like I’ve drawn the short straw and been put on night duty!

These sleepless nights are really starting to get to me. Normally I wake up to a pin dropping but take for example this morning. TP managed to sneak into our room, cover everything in talc and I didn’t wake up until he climbed on the bed and started jumping on us. It’s moments like this that worry me what if he had been doing something dangerous and I hadn’t woken quick enough! I have no idea how to sort this problem! We have no way to shut him in his room where I know he will be safe. Anything we do, he manages to get around and get out hence why we took the stair gate off because he would just climb over it! A good thing however is when he does wake he does come straight into our room rather than anywhere else in the house.
I’m thinking I might just have to use the 3 hours he’s at nursery Tuesday as time to catch up on sleep rather than errands! All I can do right now is cross my fingers and hope he falls asleep soon!

Hide away

The past few nights have been tough. TP is suffering with a cold so we haven’t been getting much sleep. Im feeling quite low at the moment I think some of this could be due to how tired I am right now.

We also received a referral form yesterday from the Children’s Autism Outreach Team, I’ve always been told to accept help when it’s offered but they mainly seem to hold coffee mornings with other parents and children where everyone can have a chat and im not sure how beneficial this will be for us.

My mind is so blank right now I can hardly find any words to type. As well as being up most of the night TP has been on one massive meltdown. The only time he’s not screaming is when he’s sleeping which is very briefly at the moment. Its days like these when I just want to curl up under a rock and hide from the world!!

Painting and hand flapping

TP had nursery today. Only for a couple hours as he cannot cope which much more than that at the moment. I was rather impressed with the outcome of today however.

I have always tried to get him interested in arts and crafts and have always failed miserably. He loses interest to quickly or just eats the paint, pens crayons you name it he’ll eat it! He is fascinated with cars and trains anything with wheels really, and today they managed to get him to paint a picture, not with a brush, not with his fingers or his forehead which he has tried with me before, but with a car. Yep that’s right they let him dip his car into the paint and drive it all over the paper, and he loved it. My heart melted when I saw it. Ok so it’s not an oil painting or a life like drawing of himself, which at the moment my Facebook seems to be bombarded with from the competitive mums I have on my friends list. But for once I have something to put on one the fridge!  For once he has done something other than move cars from one table to another or just bounced on the trampoline.

For me this is progress, a glimmer of hope. It sounds daft, but when I look back and remember what I felt like when I couldn’t get him to draw or paint, I felt like I’d never be one of this parents who has a box full of drawings of stick people and trees to look back on when he’s older. I felt like it was something that was never going to happen, the same way I am currently feeling about him not saying a single word. But now, seeing that he can surprise me and do something I didn’t think he would do. It has reassured me that the same might happen with his speech and that one day it will just happen.  So I hope anyway.

TP has started hand flapping a lot recently though. They say it’s something quite common with children with Autism. But I’m not sure why he’s even doing it. I think it’s something I will have to mention at one of our appointments because I’ve seem him doing it on the odd occasion before and not really thought much of it until today when he has been doing it so much, something has got to have triggered him to do it more.


We’ve had a hectic weekend. I was busy with work and the hubby was left to look after TP so as you can imagine the house was a train crash this morning. The problem I have when working is TP tends to stay up until I get home as he doesn’t like to go to sleep without seeing me. This can prove very tiring if I don’t finish until 10pm! Especially if all he wants to do is stay up and play for a few hours with me.

Today has been a good day for us all. We haven’t had many meltdowns at all which has allowed me time to finish a few bits of paperwork that needed doing. The weather hasn’t been too bad either so TP has spent most of the day out in the garden trying to escape or bouncing on the trampoline. I hoping after this he will have an early night as I think everyone in the house could do with one.

To be honest I haven’t really got much to write about. We have had a normal day we are all winding down now. The one thing I do enjoy about a quiet day like today is it means everyone is relaxed and we can spend some time together as a family which we don’t really get to do when everyone is stressed and tired.  And more importantly once TP goes to bed it means that me and my husband can spend some much needed time together, as living with a child like TP can really put a strain on a relationship.